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IFP Research

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IFP Research

Better information and analysis—about economics, forecasting, opportunities and challenges—means better and more informed investment decisions. What sets Independence Financial Partners apart from other firms is that our advisors are supported by our credentialed, local, on-site investment research team and advisory group: IFP Research.

IFP Investment Process

Our proprietary IFP Research process documents investment strategy and performance. Independent research and analysis of  economic conditions are ongoing, and we actively monitor client portfolios using a process that includes portfolio modeling and stress testing of multiple scenarios.

Advisors have immediate, in-house access to the team’s specialized technical knowledge and informational resources; they can collaborate with the research team directly and as needed, arrange for clients to meet with the research team in-person. With this foundation of deep research and expert opinion, clients can move forward with confidence. 

IFP Investment Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group is made up of  leading economists and high-level investment experts from across the nation. We draw upon their opinions and advice concerning

 capital markets, macroeconomic forecasting, and asset allocation and their insights shape the investment policies that we employ.

As we constantly monitor the financial landscape, we identify and evaluate changes, new opportunities and challenges. This information is a critical part of our due diligence process and it is used to update client plans. Semi-annual Research Reports provide financial direction and commentary from our IFP Advisory Group. 

We are strong advocates of the fiduciary standard of care and believe accountability and transparent communication are necessary at all times. Our team approach ensures that advisors have the data and strategic information they need to offer appropriate guidance and keep clients fully informed about goals, performance, and benchmarks so that investments can be reevaluated regularly, and progress tracked.

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Choosing an informed financial advisor may be the most valuable investment decision a client makes. IFP Research can make a difference. Click to Contact Us or Call 866-691-4100