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Transition Support

At Independence Financial Partners, we understand the importance of a smooth transition when you choose to change firms.

When you’re ready to take a step forward, our dedicated group of specialists will provide concierge service in transitioning your business with minimal disruption to your clients and your day-to-day business operations.

This transition team is comprised of experts from recruiting, operations, practice management, compliance and compensation to help expedite the transfer of your book of business and support your individual needs.

With the services provided by our firm and our national transition team, we are confident that you will have the resources and support you need to make a rapid, seamless transition.


Dedicated Transition Specialist

We assign an experienced transition specialist to each new advisor. This specialist will act as a member of your team throughout your entire transition process. He or she will partner with you and the regional firm on the following:

  • Formulate a customized plan for your transition
  • Create a client communication strategy
  • Coordinate your clients’ transition paperwork
  • Track and manage your clients‘ transfer paperwork within the broker/dealer
  • Confirm assets are transferring and compensation is paid

Pre-Hire Transition Support

In addition to reviewing your current business model and book of business we will work with you to develop and document a plan to address all aspects of your transition. Your interaction with key members of our transition team includes:

  • An introduction to your dedicated transition specialist and all the different departments involved in the transition
  • An overview of our tools, resources and services
  • A thorough understanding of the transfer process via the broker/dealer
  • Temporary dual registration process and protocol
  • Development and documentation of a comprehensive transition plan tailored to your business model

Post-Hire Transition Support

After joining Independence Financial Partners, put your plan into action. Led by your transition specialist, your dedicated team will help implement your plan so you can focus your time on your clients. We’ll schedule regular follow-up sessions to provide you specific information pertaining to your transition including:

  • Introduction to practice management and sales resources
  • Systems access and training
  • Details regarding your book of business transfer including paperwork, process, and status

Transitioning your practice to a new firm and broker/dealer can be seamless with proper planning and support at both the regional and national levels. With the right tools and resources, we can take care of the “heavy lifting” while coaching and guiding you and your practice to the next level.

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