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Financial Planning

A clear, written financial plan is the best tool for helping you reach your financial goals. But a financial plan is much more than a mathematical exercise. The plans we develop are built organically, based on consideration of all aspects of your life, personality, and goals, and are completely personalized. 

The first step is the same as in forming any other important new relationship that’s intended to deepen over the years: investing time to get to know each other. We want to get to know you as a whole person—the people in your life who matter most to you; the desired timing of goals and key events; and what drives you toward your goals. We care deeply about the people we serve and getting to know you helps us do the best possible job of serving you.

Our structured and detailed questions help us picture your goals—for retirement, or any other objective. We consider both your wants and needs and as well as different goals and timing. Through illustrations of multiple scenarios we help you envision potential outcomes and identify more accurately what you’d like the future to hold and how comfortable you feel with different levels of risk. 

We learn about your reactions and attitudes toward money as they apply to your future. For example, how do you want to feel as you enter retirement—relaxed and comfortable, or eager to take more risks with investments? What activities will you pursue? What worries you most about the years ahead or what generates the most excitement for you?

We use consistent steps to establish a fully customized plan:

  1. Get to know each other and begin building a relationship.
  2. Analyze your current financial information, including risk sensitivity and asset allocation, and identify any possible problems.
  3. Consider strategies, options, and what would be needed to help you meet your goals and recommend a course of action.
  4. Put the plan into motion.
  5. Monitor your plan based on regular input from IFP Research. Schedule periodic reviews with you covering updates, changes, and new information.

As time goes by, with each review and meeting, the relationship with your advisor deepens. 

Whether you’re beginning your professional career, approaching retirement, or anything in between, a carefully constructed plan helps to guide you toward the goal. Our extensive informational resources and investment support give us the ability to handle any topic that could arise throughout your financial life.

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