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Charitable Giving

Giving Back to Our Community

Our mission is to help you fulfill yours.

Our mission is to help you fulfill yours—as a donor or as a recipient nonprofit organization.

As a potential donor, you have an urge in the back of your mind to make a difference in your community or in the lives of others. We can help you put that desire into action and magnify your gift so that it can make a bigger impact than you ever dreamed possible. Certain tax benefits are associated with gifts of this type; proper planning will also help you make wise use of this benefit within your overall plan.

As a leader of a nonprofit, you know how much gifts mean to your organization, yet your plate is filled to overflowing with operational activities as you implement your mission.

We bring donors and non-profits to the table together to craft a plan that creates the greatest benefit for all.

How a nonprofit created a magnified gift for an existing donor

A current donor to an animal welfare nonprofit was committed to making future donations of a couple thousand dollars each year. We showed the donor how he could use his pledged annual gift to create a $250,000 planned gift of life insurance to the organization by transferring the ownership of a policy he already owned.

The donor’s ongoing annual contributions would be used by the nonprofit to pay the annual premiums on this permanent life insurance policy. Consequently, the donor would receive an ordinary income tax deduction for each of these gifts, year after year.

The end result: a permanent $250,000.00 charitable legacy payable to the non-profit at the owner's passing.

Many creative solutions are possible, based on our uncommon depth of experience gained from working with both donors and recipient organizations for more than 20 years.

We’ve helped many nonprofits magnify the impact of their philanthropic mission by helping them manage endowed assets prudently, and by helping them develop customized planned charitable giving strategies for their donors.

Not every nonprofit has the time or experience to step back and focus on financial, endowment, and fundraising strategies. Implementing and overseeing an investment policy for these assets is a challenging task, one that we are well prepared to handle. We develop tailors plans for your organization and a customized investment policy statement and related investment strategy to foster future sustainability.

Through educational workshops for your donors and prospects we show them how to “Do well by doing good.” Topics can include advanced planning, charitable lead and remainders trusts, donor advised funds, charitable gift annuities and more. There’s no pressure, no selling, just objective advice and information. Your donors and prospects can choose to work with you directly, through their own advisor, or with us.

In addition, we help donors create customized charitable giving plans, including donor advised funds, to enhance their current philanthropy and take advantage of smarter and more tax-efficient giving vehicles. We strive to maximize the impact of their gift as well as potentially minimize their individual tax obligation utilizing prudent estate and tax planning strategies and techniques.