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Donor and Advised Funds

At Independence Financial Partners, we believe in the importance of helping you fulfill all our goals, including those centered on your personal mission, values, and charitable giving objectives.

One of the ways that we help you achieve your giving objectives is through the use of donor advised funds and charitable foundations. A donor advised fund is a particular vehicle for charitable giving that provides flexibility, maximum tax deductibility for your gifts, and efficiency for handling long-range charitable giving while allowing you to stay in control of the giving process.

Creating a charitable foundation, that is, a charitable investment account that is managed by IFP, is possible for people from all walks of life and is not limited to the extremely wealthy; a charitable foundation can be started with as little as $10,000. IFP brings decades of experience in working with donors and nonprofits on all aspects of charitable giving. The charitable foundation or donor advised account that you create can become a legacy that will continue doing good years and years into the future, long after you’re gone.

Charitable foundations allow you to give money away, to the causes that you value, offering support now and for years to come. A current contribution establishes the investment fund today, and you have the ability to add future donations. IFP manages the investment account, and  grants or gifts from the fund and paid out of the fund in accordance with your wishes—conceivably, in perpetuity.

As managers of your funds, we work to ensure that we maximize the potential impact of your gifts while also securing maximum tax benefits. A sound and efficient vehicle for overseeing your philanthropic goals, charitable foundations and donor advised funds are important options to consider as part of your overall estate planning.

Your story is unique, as are your goals and plans for the legacy you leave behind. Talk to us for more details and examples of how you can “do well by doing good.”