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IFP Investment Process

Our proprietary investment process provides advisors and their clients with the research and guidance necessary to make informed decisions with confidence.

IFP Research is central to the IFP investment process. A complete assessment and understanding of our clients' objectives, risk tolerance and current asset allocation are fully analyzed before moving forward with a shared course of action. Once the investment portfolio is implemented, our research team and your advisor actively monitor all aspects of your portfolio and are available to respond to any questions. Investment portfolios are reviewed semi-annually with clients so that any opportunities or issues can be discussed and rebalancing occur when recommended.



IFP Research conducts a yearly macro outlook review initiated with research from multiple leading institutions. Our macro outlook is further shaped by our own independent research and analysis within our Investment Advisory Group where our experts discuss major global market trends and share their expert yet candid views. While consensus is important, we welcome contradicting viewpoints supported by further data, documentation and discussion so that our advisors have a more complete array of insights from which to make recommendations. Our macro outlook is stress tested and tracked quarterly.


Once a strategy has been chosen, potential funds and fund managers are vetted for suitability. This process includes but is not limited to the following steps and upfront critical research:

  • Conduct documented, in-depth analysis of each fund - Identify and categorize potential asset mix depending on investment style such as passive/strategic beta/active or value versus growth
  • Management tenure and process - How long has the team been in place? Is the fund process consistent? If there have been changes in management – why and has this impacted process?
  • Long term track record evaluation - Is there a long term track record of outperformance? How did they perform during periods of increased market volatility?
  • Upside /downside capture analysis
  • Risk metric Analysis
  • Peer group Analysis
  • Expense Ratio Analysis - Do expenses justify the opportunity set? Do high fees offset alpha generation? Is the asset class efficient?
  • Direct communication with providers for additional due diligence


Portfolio implementation utilizes the macro outlook, IFP Investment Advisory Group commentary and asset allocation analysis to identify optimal asset classes and appropriate weightings for each risk tolerance (e.g., increase inflation sensitive asset classes for retirees; increase equity exposure for longer term orientations). The core components of this phase include diligent review of:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Asset allocation and diversity
  • Written analysis of top holdings
  • Portfolio modeling and optimization


Opportunities and challenges may arise at any time. Our investment team is constantly monitoring potential market influencers such as:

  • Macroeconomic (GDP, unemployment rates, price index updates, inflation, consumption/spending trends)
  • Institutional economic updates
  • Asset class themes, forecasts, research
  • Broad scope geopolitical, business, innovation

As data and information are updated, we conduct ongoing portfolio optimization modeling and review, update forecasts and rebalance portfolios when appropriate.


Communication is a key component to ensuring our clients feel secure and confident about their investments. We are strong advocates of the fiduciary standard and believe in transparent communication. Goals, performance and benchmarks are shared regularly with clients regularly so that objectives are clear, progress is tracked and accountability standards are met.

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