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Having a diligent fund analysis process has never been more important.

With the recent Supreme Court Tibble v. Edison ruling, it’s clear that employers who don’t consistently review performance and costs of retirement plan funds may be vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny, headaches and penalties down the road.

The Scorecard System™ Eases the Fiduciary Workload

As a member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), we can offer our plan sponsor clients the RPAG Scorecard System™. The Scorecard™ evaluates 20,000+ funds in more than 30 different asset classes, including fixed income and actively managed equities. The easy to document process adds depth and validity to your quarterly fund review.

How Does it Work?

The Scorecard™ evaluates and ranks investments and fund managers on a 10 point scale. Funds that score 5 or 6 out of 10 are put on a watch list. Funds scoring less than 5 are candidates for immediate removal. The weighted categories for which points are assigned include:

  • Style Factors
  • Risk/Return Factors
  • Peer Group Rankings
  • Qualitative Factors (e.g., manager tenure, expenses, fund statistics)

The Scorecard™ is just one tool in our Fiduciary Fitness program to help your Investment Committee feel more secure about meeting their fiduciary responsibilities.

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