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Should I Rollover My Old 401(K)?

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As a participant in a 401(k) at your workplace, when you leave your current employment for reasons other than retirement, you’ll have decisions to make about what to do with these funds.

A rollover essentially means transferring funds from an existing 401(k) into an IRA or another 401(k) plan. The four basic options to consider are these:

  • Consolidate your retirement accounts and roll the 401(k) funds into a single account.
  • Roll the 401(k) into a new plan at your new employer
  • Keep the old account, if permitted, and monitor it as part of your overall portfolio
  • Cash out the old account

Before you act, be certain that you understand the ramifications of the action you take. As an independent advisory firm, Independence Financial Partners can help you navigate this  transition smoothly, and make sure that the investments in your account are customized to your needs and goals. We will walk you through all the choices that factor into your decision.

When your retirement funds are rolled into an IRA, you typically gain greater control over your investment choices and may have potentially lower fees. Independence Financial Partners is and independent firm; when it comes to rolling over your 401(k), we offer certain advantages over working with a company limited to proprietary investments.

  • We’ll create a customized account for you, updated and tailored to your needs
  • You have a local office with a professional staff to talk to in person, not someone at a call center in a distant location
  • You’ll have more choices, more knowledge and expertise working for you, and less frustration
  • You’ll get answers from trusted advisors and the peace of mind of dealing with a local firm.

Talk to us today. We’re here to help you through all the stages of the process so that you can make the right decision for your financial future.