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Importance of 401(K) Participant Education

Retirement planning education is important to both plan participants and the employers sponsoring these plans.

Participating in an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan is an important investment in the future, but along with that financial investment, it’s critical that employees gain the basic financial education they need to support them throughout all stages of their lives.

Independence Financial Partners is uniquely suited, with the depth of 40 advisors, to provide solid education for 401(k) plan participants at every stage of their career. We offer comprehensive educational resources to support plan participants, delivered in a variety of formats, customized to the employer and the learning preferences of the employees.

We cut through the noise of excess information, offering practical guidance to help employees make critical decisions about contributions and investments. Increasingly, people want professional support and coaching as they face retirement planning questions.

The educational programs we provide include material that runs the gamut from the basics of what makes up your 401(k) and investment terminology to know, through specialized retirement planning or sessions that focus on more advanced investing.

  • In-person educational sessions at the employer, yearly, quarterly, or as frequently as desired by the employer
  • Group meetings
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Benefits fairs
  • Customized training opportunities with a variety of educational tools
    • Live meetings
    • Zoom meetings
    • Web-based training
    • Self-paced education through resources on our site

We’re available to answer questions or meet one-on-one directly with employee participants in person at our Rhode Island and Connecticut locations or via Zoom as part of the services that we provide at no additional charge.