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Offering Business Retirement Planning Services From Our Offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut

Independence Financial Partners has a long and results-oriented track record in business retirement planning services.

Today, we service more than 60 retirement plans – both qualified and non-qualified plans. Our consulting services include:

Independence Financial Partners is a member of Retirement Plan Advisory Group™ (RPAG™). The consulting services reflect services that we will provide as a result of our membership with RPAG. This includes, but is not limited to, investment due diligence, RFP and fee benchmarking, plan design and fiduciary review and communication services.

We believe retirement plans are one of the best ways for employers to build employee loyalty and retention, and for employees to save towards a comfortable retirement lifestyle. We see our role as facilitators, helping you select the right plan design for your needs and then providing the ongoing support required to ensure that your plan is as successful as it can be. We work with both qualified and non-qualified plans including:


Rhode Island 401(k), Connecticut 401(k), Massachusetts 401(k), 403(b), Roth 401(k), 401(a)

SEP, Keough

412(i), Simple IRA’s

Defined Benefit Plans


Deferred compensation plans

Executive bonus plans

Group carve-out plans

Split-dollar life insurance plans


  • Exceptional Service Provider Addressing Your Goals through independent Benchmarking Analysis balancing cost, services and investment opportunities.
  • Top-Tier Investment Opportunities through independent Investment Due Diligence to enhance investment opportunities.
  • Preserveed Fiduciaries using the RPAG Fiduciary Fitness Program™ with ERISA Compliance Guidelines. Your Fiduciary Briefcase™ is a proprietary online portal designed to be your private filing system in the virtual world.
  • Prepared Participants through high-touch education delivery a roadmap to retirement.

Our local team takes pride in educating business owners about the type of retirement plans that can meet their interests and the retirement savings needs of the employees. Through our alliance with the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), the nation’s largest provider of practice management resources for retirement plan consultants, you get:

  • Knowledge. RPAG member firms are dedicated to serving over 22,000 retirement plans with strategic, expertly crafted consulting services.
  • Expertise. Earned through skillful and steadfast management of more than $100 billion in collective retirement assets under advisement.
  • Ingenuity. Driven by robust technology, systems and services to help create successful retirement plan experiences for plan sponsors and participants alike.

We know that retirement planning is not a static process. As your plan's needs change over time, we will work with you to incorporate innovative solutions that meet your needs and progressive service offerings that can add value.

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Established in 1909, Independence Financial Partners' history is a testament to our dedication to our clients. Today, our full service firm serves Southern New England from its main offices in Warwick, Rhode Island and Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

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Independence Financial Partners has been helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their financial goals for over 100 years.