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401(k) Retirement Services

Our 401(k) Service Model

Establishing a 401(k) plan for your company or organization is a big responsibility. Your decisions affect the lives of your employees, the perception of your company in the eyes of potential employees, and your ability to retain and reward current employees. In addition, you have the fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of your employees and abide by strict compliance procedures.

You want the best plan possible for your organization and Independence Financial Partners is prepared to help you handle this task successfully. With decades of experience serving a wide range of employers we use a service model made up of a clear set of steps:

Plan Design

Each plan is custom designed to reflect the culture and values of your company to reward and attract employees while driving the outcomes that you want to see: high enrollment rates, proper asset allocations, low fees and high value. We have the flexibility to design a plan to meet your objectives and preferences, including or excluding specific investment types or characteristics. We can even build a plan that suits your company’s needs today and then grows with your organization—offering more and different options that change as the company matures.


In the simplest terms, benchmarking means finding the best recordkeeping company to handle your plan, taking into consideration fees, services, and investments in relation to your company culture. We identify the best fit out of the universe of potential providers so that you and your employees get the optimum combination of services and support delivered in the form that is most suited to your organization.

Investment Advice

Once we have selected the right recordkeeper, we search out skilled investment managers and create a customized investment fund menu for your employees. The menu is designed to be broad enough to serve a wide range of employees at various stages of their careers having different risk tolerances from conservative to aggressive. We ensure that ample choices are offered, and the plan is tailored to your specifications and company requirements.

Fiduciary Compliance

We handle all fiduciary compliance and reporting responsibilities for your company, relieving you of the compliance burden. Our process protects you, as the plan fiduciary; you can be assured that we take all the steps to meet these responsibilities while providing the best possible plan for your employees.

Participant Outcome

We firmly believe that one of the best ways for employees to gain the benefit of retirement planning is through their participation in an employer’s retirement plan. In many cases, if people aren’t given this opportunity at work, they may not get it anywhere else. Our services include extensive education for all plan participants, at no additional charge.